As an advertiser on the Zigcast app, you have the ability to “Post” an Ad on any of the Kiosk in our network. You choose the date and time you would like your Ad to appear.
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Why ZigCast?

See why customers choose ZigCast, our key app features

Increase Sales

A report in from DataTrend found that digital signage increase purchase amount and dwell time by almost 30% each in the retail business. In terms of digital marketing tactics, it’s hard to get a better bang for your buck.


With Zigcast, you get to determine how much you want to pay with our option of selecting hourly timeslots. Additionally, compared to traditional print signage, it’s far less expensive to develop and roll out new ads for digital screens. This means that you can run more targeted, local marketing campaigns. Your digital marketing plan can now take into account local events as well. For example, you might create two ads depending on the outcome of a local football game and then run the relevant ad.

You can quickly test and iterate your marketing tactics

With Zigcast, you can schedule the hours you would like your Ad to run. You can put up and take down different ads at the click of a button. You can be extremely effective in testing which marketing messages work best. Over time, you can hone your digital marketing strategy accordingly.

Run time-sensitive ads

The lead time on a print ad is at a minimum six weeks. For most restaurant franchise companies, it’s even longer. But digital signage is connected to the internet, which means that fresh ads can be rolled out as easily as a social media post. It also means you can run extremely relevant and local ads (since you’re not relying on a national brand to send you collateral)

Zigcast lets you leverage video

Video is far more engaging than stills. Digital signage lets you leverage the hypnotizing power of video to snag and hold customers’ attention. Even simple animations like pause and zoom effects on still artwork provide a more engaging viewer experience.


When you submit your Ad for posting, the Zigcast business owner will need to approve your Ad before it will post. If the business owner fails to approve the Ad before the scheduled start time, the Ad will be automatically rejected.

Customers will not be charged until their Ads are approved by the business owner.

Time slots are available on a first come, first serve basis. When the advertiser submits an Ad for approval/posting, that time slot will be unavailable to all other users. If the business owner rejects the Ad, those time slots will be available again.

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Our mobile app is currently the only way to post an Ad on any signage in the Zigcast network. Interaction with our database is not available via our website. You can find our mobile app in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.